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The "Silent Cardiac Killer" Fraud: >20 young people age 14-35 drop dead each week. 1 in 300 now carry an "undetected heart condition". How they are planning to cover up COVID-19 Vaccine Cardiac Deaths


VIDEO ABOVE (Channel 4 News presented by Cathy Newman on Nov.12, 2023): Clarissa Nicholls’ mother talks about the sudden death of her 20 year old daughter.

I reported this sudden death in June 2023 on Twitter:

May 7, 2023 - London, UK - 20 yo Clarissa Nicholls was studying languages at Cambridge University. She went for a trip to France in May 2023. She collapsed & died suddenly from cardiac arrest on May 7, 2023 while hiking in France. It’s virtually a certainty that she was COVID-19 Vaccinated.


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