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Childhood Vaccine Injury - Nash Grim was injured by DTaP and developed Vaccine Induced Polio & paralysis (Feb.2021)


"Day 13 after the Childhood Vaccines” (Feb, 2021)

Photo taken Jan.20, 2021 at 6 months (healthy)


7:39 am before daycare 5:10 pm intubated because he can’t breathe. Life flight coming to get him. Life flight leaving with him. Him TERRIFIED not knowing what is happening. Chronic ear infections needing antibiotics that wreck their gut? Sick shortly after receiving…

Stop. V-Ing. Your. Kids.

When I got to him that day he started to turn blue. I picked him up and held him out in front of me to open up his airway. He was still moving all extremities at that point. Minutes, maybe even seconds who knows, later his arms went limp and fell back behind him. The rest of his body then quit moving in my arms as well. 9-1-1 rushed us to the ER.

All tests, blood work, scans, x-rays were normal. They intubated him because he was struggling to breathe on his own. Life flight came and reintubated him because he was uncomfortable. We got to Childrens at the same time they did. They admitted him and immediately took him for his MRI. Dr. Cullimore knew what was happening before we even got there.

They had just had 2 children with the SAME thing leave in the last two weeks with it, they came from the same ER as each other. One left a day before we got there…but it’s “rare” right? They asked all sorts of questions. So many tried to blame his daycare provider. I knew that would never be the case. After his MRI she sat us down and specifically said “this can be caused by a vaccine or a virus”. My heart sank. I knew what happened to him. Still mad I didn’t get that on video. If you can plan a nursery, you can take the time to read an insert for your childs safety and wellbeing.

My baby was not sick. STOP V-ING YOUR KIDS!!!"

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