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Australian officials murdered a child - 17 year old Dazelle Peters (lung transplant patient) was killed for being unvaccinated, joining Canada in a race to the bottom of humanity.


Dazelle Peters, a 17-year-old Leukemia-sufferer who was reportedly denied a life-saving lung transplant after refusing to receive FIVE Covid vaccines, has died.

According to the Daily Mail, the Sydney hospital treating Dazelle said, her lack of a Covid vaccination was a factor in her not being put on the lung transplant waiting list.

A hospital spokesperson told the Daily Mail, their 'policies and guidelines wouldn't support transplantation' of an unvaccinated person.

'Vaccination status against various infections is a critical part of this assessment in order to ensure optimal prospects of survival post-transplant,' a St Vincent's hospital spokesperson said. (source)

Despite saying she was 'sorry' to learn of Dazelle's situation Assistant Health Minister Ged Kearney had advised 'the Australian Government is unable to intervene in clinical decisions'. 

Mr Kearney's response was in reply to a letter sent to her by outspoken Liberal MP Russell Broadbent, who raised both the plight of Dazelle and Victorian mum Vicki Derderian, who is being denied a heart transplant for refusing the jabs.

'The priority and treatment given to an individual is ultimately a clinical decision made by the treating hospital and transplant teams involved,’ Ms Kearney's letter stated.

However, it clarified there is no official mandate barring the unvaccinated from getting transplants. 

The Guidelines do not prevent a patient who has not received a Covid-19 vaccination from being placed on a transplant waitlist,' Ms Kearney stated.

Ms Kearney said the states are ultimately responsible for transplant practices.

'Each state and territory is responsible for the delivery of the jurisdictional health services, including hospital and transplantation services,' it read.

Dazelle's family say that while the consulting surgeon described Dazelle as a 'complex' case he also said she needed to 'do the right thing' and get the vaccines, which take nine months to administer, to keep other patients and staff safe.

Australia joins Canada in a race to the bottom as 2 unvaccinated Canadians were murdered by local health officials in 2023 for being unvaccinated:

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