There are 2 films that show this remarkable fact made by Dr Andrew Wakefield (a double Royal college of Surgeon Physician ) Vaxxed and Vaxxed 2.

The first film they buy a bus and travel around various towns in America to interview parents of autistic children.. each child signs their name in the outside of the bus… within weeks the bus is covered in signatures.. the number of children in USA with Autism now stand at 1:35.. it used to be 1:10,000… common denominator .. ALL of them were vaccinated against measles mumps and rubella in those early months while brain synapses were being formed.. mercury destroys them… here’s where it gets interesting..the team decide to revisit towns around America but this time they interview parents who never vaccinated their children… in this film..we notice lots and lots of children without any childhood diseases like asthma… psoriasis… autism… learning difficulties.. these children were perfectly healthy.

The internet search engines are information driven to make people think this is all tosh.. that the best thing to do is become another statistic and join the ever growing list of children needing medication or care.. why is no one seeing the real truth?

Big Pharma and the gravy train keeps growing because the vaccine industry has no accountability.. yet the numbers of casualties is off the rails… and the politicians are keeping mum on something that should be put right.. right now.

Change comes through action not platitudes to win votes.

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I sadly didn't learn about this until covid hit. I talked to my daughter-in-law a bit and shared info, but my little grandson had already received some shots. He's now 4 and he seems to be vaccine injured; perhaps mild autism or perhaps ADHD. It breaks my heart, not only for his sake, but for the millions of innocent children preyed upon by our so-called healthcare system.

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You might want to consider looking at the research of Dr. William Walsh. Dr. Mensah, trained by Dr. Walsh, treats children with autism, ADHD, by giving nutrients based on a person's biochemistry. Dr Mensah has been a blessing for a loved one with mental health concerns, and our current conventional system is pathetic at treating these types of conditions.

An integrative pediatrician is also an option.

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https://www.mensahmedical.com › autism-spectrum-disorder

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Thank you so much!

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My 16 year old has suffered w/auto immune & Mthfr since she was 8. She had her childhood vaccines, unfortunately.

Long story short. Just started NAC w/glycine for 35 days.

Mood & skin & energy level have improved!

NAC helps remove the heavy metals from the body & so much more.

I wish I knew this information sooner. It was from my own research. None of her doctors ever mentioned it. It’s the only thing that’s ever worked.

She had serious blisters /rash on her face & back since she was 13.

That you for bringing up this topic. Maybe this info can help someone.

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I have recently heard that for autism, the cause is oils being removed from the brain and by giving the child coconut oil this helps to replace those oils and relieve symptoms. I do not know anyone with this condition so it is only speculation at this point, but would be harmless to try.

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Thank you for the information!

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Here are my notes on this topic :

1. If parents are noticing their kids going permanently bonky after vaccines, IT IS NOT GLYPHOSATE DOING IT.

2. If vaccines have had thimerosal for decades before autism became an issue, IT IS NOT THIMEROSAL DOING IT.

3. If people in the past filled their mouths up with mercury fillings and virtually no one had autism, IT IS NOT ENVIRONMENTAL MERCURY DOING IT.

4. If the human genome self corrects when races get mixed (it does, that is a fact) IT IS NOT GENETIC DEGRADATION DOING IT because race mixing has become common, while autism exploded.

5. If the ONE THING that changed, that is universal to practically everyone is the sudden production of vaccines grown in tissues derived from aborted babies, and that coincides with an explosion in autism rates, THAT IS PROBABLY IT. Anyone with a lick of sense in medicine knows that you can't inject human tissue into someone while that tissue is in the presense of a pathogen, because the immune system will often be tricked into thinking that human tissue itself is the enemy, and it will then attack the body. This is why there has been such a sudden explosion in auto immune disorders, with autism being at the forefront.

Autism is an auto immune disorder that has been triggered against the brain. It can also be caused by triggering auto immune disorders against the oils and proteins the brain needs to function, so it becomes starved. This would fully explain why coconut oil can alleviate symptoms of autism, and would fully explain why the elite have once again turned against coconut oil - autism is a weapon, and they don't want people donning bullet proof vests. They'll have to produce an entirely new line of vaccines designed to wipe out coconut oil if it is indeed a substitute for other oils the brain needs to function, that the current vaccines are designed to wipe out.

Anyway, I was not prepared to go into detail on the topic right now, but those are the basics that everyone should know. Indeed, the elite are doing everything they can to point the finger away from how their vaccines are really accomplishing the job of destroying the children. All they need to do is buy a little more time afforded by deception induced ignorance in the masses - keep people digging the wrong corner of the yard a day longer, - and they will win because they have done so much damage already it won't take much more to cause an unrecoverable situation.

Autism is in fact caused by 1. Human tissue in the vaccines, and 2. intentionally sabotaged vaccine adjuvants. No one with three functioning brain cells can possibly deny it is the vaccines doing it, so the real place to look is what is it with the vaccines that changed? That is the ONLY place anyone is going to find an answer.

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You ignore the cumulative effect of the increasing amounts of mercury and aluminum in vaccines, both of which cross the blood/brain barrier. There are other toxic ingredients as well in vaccines. We have also had genetically engineered organisms used in the manufacturing of 'vaccines' which have their own toxic impact. But the worst, is the cumulative effects of these toxins that are begun the first day of a baby's life. Every one of these drugs impacts the immune system, in this case the prevention of it even developing as babies need time and exposure to germs for that to occur. Vaccines literally take over the job of the immune system rendering it dysfunctional or preventing its development

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Would I want mercury or aluminum injected into me on a cumulative (or less) basis? NO WAY!

The question is how can a toxic metal trigger an auto immune response against a key oil. protein, or cell culture? Answer: it can't and therefore this premise is fraudulent in any report put out, toxic metal can only do direct damage.

FACT: vaccines that use peanut oil as an adjuvant will trigger peanut allergies in many people who get vaccinated with a vaccine that uses it, vaccines grown in animal tissue will trigger allergies to dogs and cats, and vaccines grown in human tissue can trigger an immune reaction against yourself and yes if you get shot up enough you will not have a functioning brain (your cumulative effect).

We have a slam dunk test case...desert storm, the troops were vaxxed with an anthrax vaccine that contains squalene. This biologic is a necessary fat/oil the brain uses to function properly, after about nine months after the shot the troops started to come down with gulf war syndrome. A class action by the troops was put into motion after their doctors found that the body saw the squalene as an enemy and started to remove it....it took nine months and the brain damage was complete and irreversible, that is not cumulative...that is a calculated weapon using biologics.

As a side note, the class action suite never went to court, reason: the troops medical records were stored in the Alfred P Murrah building. This was building was blown up, coined the Oklahoma city bombing. You see the tribe has a secret weapon and they need you to keep looking at everything but this.

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We are heading towards social cataclysm. Eventually in the very near future that 1 in 35 figure will become 1 in 2.

Imagine a full 50% of society disabled with learning disabilities, and neurodegenerative disease. Because that's where this is heading.

And we got there through generations of corrupt and cowardly "leaders of industry" thinking a little personal gain to turn a blind eye won't really hurt anybody.

Well it has, and it will.

Multiply that by thousands of individuals - all corrupt. All on the take. All not doing their jobs.

And society is going to be decimated because of short-sighted greed, and the craven individuals who prioritised their own self-enrichment, over the Public they were tasked with protecting.

This is all on the horizon in the next few decades, and we are taking absolutely no steps to prepare for it.

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Yes that ratio will be reached sooner than you think because mRNA technology will cripple those able bodied enough to look after those that are not… the tipping point is nigh.

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Is it ever.

A 2006 Harvard study put the cost of lifetime care of an autistic child-to-adult at a conservative $3.2 million per individual. (And that estimate was from nearly 20 years ago).

At the moment, the bulk of the care is being done by parents and siblings.

What happens when the parents pass on, or there are no siblings. Or there ARE siblings, who are now parents themselves and are unwilling, or unable, to forfeit the care of their own families to devote 24/7 of their time to an autistic brother or sister?

What happens when only half of society is functional (and half of that half consists of children and the elderly, too young or too old to work).

Government tax revenue is going to be decimated because the working population is now down to a fraction of what it was.

We are heading for catastrophe if people (and young parents especially) keep clinging to what is indoctrinated 'belief' and refusing to consider anything that challenges their misplaced and ignorant faith by decrying it all as "conspiracy!" without having spent a second of their time to actually educate themselves.

At least Project19 shook some out of their slumber. I guess we should be thankful for that.

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Yes.. the cost hits you from young and old… my mothers monthly fees for care in a country I could not stay in due to visa restriction 4,000 a month… 48,000 a year.. that fee has just risen to 6,000 per month.. like I said .. the cost is not just money .. it’s the time you lose not being to earn the money you need to pay for the mess someone else created.

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All the while, they get filthy rich! Aren’t we lucky?

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what is project19 please?

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This is the way the west was won! Future movie 2050

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This is an extinction level event.

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and here are those that are planning the extinction https://theserapeum.com/activism-flyers-print-and-share-lawfully/

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I remember reading about a similar study being done on the Amish children who don't get very many vaccines VS general public children. The study was cancelled shortly after it began because the numbers were soooooo obvious that the Amish children were so much healthier and no side effects while outside children were plagued with all kinds of terrible side effects..

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Do Amish folks ever get sick when in contact with the vaccinated folks outside of their communities?

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I watched a video interview with an Amish leader during Covid and he said most families had one or more members with a Covid infection and a few died, but they ended up with herd immunity and Covid was gone from their community now. That's what doctors were saying online too that a vaccine will NOT fix a viral infection, it only forces the virus to mutate into a different version, usually less virulent than the original infection. BUT there's always a chance that the vaccine will force the virus to mutate into a super virus and be very hard to deal with. But ALL DOCTORS SAY it's best to leave it alone and everyone gets herd immunity and we carry on like humans have done forever.

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I think that was talked about in the Senator Ron Johnson panel. What would happen to the virus over time. If it mutates or not. I think Ron Johnson said the "experts" didn't agree.

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Dr Makis ! Thankyou ever so much for all you do to keep us informed about all the

After effects of the covid vax we really appreciate everything you do without people like you standing up for all of us i don't know what would have happened i could only imagine

You are a blessing to all ! May God keep you safe and healthy !

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NEVER in the history of mankind has injecting poisons into your body given you better health.

Quite the opposite. They’ve ALL maimed and killed. Read and learn the history of this barbaric act:

The Poisoned Needle: Suppressed Facts About Vaccinations https://a.co/d/cfvx9Q6

Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History https://a.co/d/coVuit4

- George William Winterburn, PhD, MD, The Value of Vaccination: A Non-partisan Review of Its History and Results, 1886

- History and Pathology of Vaccination, Edgar R. Crookshank, 1889

- Charles Creighton, Jenner and Vaccination. A Strange Chapter of Medical History, 1889



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If someone is ever charged with a crime due to the vaccines you should be an expert witness for the prosecution with all that research. Well done.

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As a child growing up in the 1960's, I never knew anybody with asthma, autism or allergies. Now it is rampant.. But thanks to the GIFT of Covid, the medical poison industry has been exposed.... https://theserapeum.com/activism-flyers-print-and-share-lawfully/

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Aluminum adjuvants can induce various cytokines. Here is a list of some cytokines that aluminum can induce:

1. Inflammatory cytokines:

- Interleukin-1 (IL-1)

- Tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α)

- Interleukin-6 (IL-6)

- Interleukin-8 (IL-8)

- Histamine

2. Proliferation-inducing cytokines:

- Interleukin-2 (IL-2)

- Interleukin-4 (IL-4)

- Interleukin-5 (IL-5)

- Interleukin-13 (IL-13)

3. Immune response-regulating cytokines:

- Interleukin-10 (IL-10)

- Transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-β)

- Interferon-gamma (IFN-γ)

4. Cytokines that regulate inflammatory responses:

- Interleukin-12 (IL-12)

- Transforming growth factor-alpha (TGF-α)

- Interferon-alpha (IFN-α)

- Interferon-beta (IFN-β)

The above list includes some cytokines related to aluminum adjuvants. However, further research is needed regarding this list.

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Interleukin 6 (IL-6) is a cytokine that plays an important role in regulating inflammation and immune responses in the immune system. Excessive secretion of IL-6 can be associated with various diseases. Some diseases associated with IL-6 are:

1. Rheumatoid arthritis: IL-6 is involved in the development and progression of rheumatoid arthritis. Excessive secretion of IL-6 can lead to increased inflammation and damage to the joints.

2. Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis: IL-6 regulates inflammatory responses associated with gastrointestinal inflammation. Excessive secretion of IL-6 can worsen the symptoms of inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

3. Cardiovascular diseases: IL-6 can be implicated in promoting vascular inflammation, which can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as impaired blood flow and atherosclerosis.

4. Adult-onset diabetes: IL-6 can increase insulin resistance and affect blood sugar regulation. This can be associated with the development of adult-onset diabetes.

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Interleukin-4 (IL-4) primarily induces the proliferation of Th2 (Helper 2) cells and increases antibody production. Therefore, abnormal increases in IL-4 can disrupt the balance of the immune system and be associated with various diseases.

Some IL-4-associated diseases and conditions include:

1. Atopic dermatitis: Abnormal activation of IL-4 and Th2 cells can influence the onset and worsening of atopic dermatitis.

2. Allergic rhinitis: IL-4 can promote the production of IgE antibodies and induce inflammatory responses, thus being associated with allergic rhinitis.

3. Asthma: IL-4 can induce inflammation and bronchial obstruction, potentially affecting the development and exacerbation of asthma.

4. Immunodeficiency-associated Interleukin: Reduced production of IL-4 may be associated with immunodeficiency disorders.

The relationship between IL-4 and diseases is complex and can be influenced by various factors, including biological differences and genetic factors. However, I would like to clarify that vaccines are not considered the primary cause of IL-4-related diseases.

If you have concerns about IL-4-related diseases or any other health issues, it is best to consult with a medical professional for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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Transforming Growth Factor-Beta (TGF-beta) is a protein that plays an important role in the development, differentiation, and survival of cells. However, when it is dysregulated, it can contribute to the following diseases:

1. Cancer: TGF-beta can influence the development and progression of cancer. In some types of cancer, it promotes tumor growth and metastasis. This occurs when TGF-beta decreases or alters the ability to regulate the growth and differentiation of cancer cells.

2. Dementia: TGF-beta also affects the generation of neurons and the formation of connections in the brain. In conditions such as dementia, these processes may be disrupted. Some studies suggest a relationship between TGF-beta and dementia, but further research is needed to understand the exact mechanisms.

3. Inflammatory diseases: TGF-beta plays a crucial role in epithelial cell function and immune regulation. However, excessive activation of TGF-beta can contribute to inflammatory conditions such as colitis and rheumatoid arthritis.

4. Fibrosis: TGF-beta regulates tissue regeneration and the formation of fibrous tissue. Prolonged and excessive activation of TGF-beta can lead to fibrotic conditions, such as skin fibrosis or pulmonary fibrosis.

In addition, TGF-beta can be implicated in various other diseases, and its role is constantly being explored through ongoing research.

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Interleukin 1 (IL-1) is a protein that plays an important role in the immune system. However, excessive production or deficiency of IL-1 can be associated with various diseases.

Deficiency of IL-1 can be associated with a series of genetic immune deficiency disorders known as Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders (PIDs). These disorders are characterized by impaired immune function due to reduced production of IL-1. This can lead individuals to experience recurrent infections, inflammatory bowel diseases, autoimmune diseases, among others.

On the other hand, excessive production of IL-1 can hyperactivate the immune system and increase inflammatory responses. This is known as "IL-1 overproduction syndrome" and can be associated with acute and chronic inflammatory conditions. Examples of diseases that may be associated with this include rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's disease, and atopic dermatitis.

It's important to note that IL-1 has a complex role in the immune system..

The reason I left a long comment is because doctors have been far too unconcerned about long-term side effects of common vaccines. I sincerely hope that all hidden vaccine damages and truths will be revealed in the future. I have great respect and gratitude for you, who always write informative articles with an honest mind ♡

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TGF-alpha is a growth factor that regulates cell growth, differentiation, and tissue regeneration. However, excessive activation or dysregulation of TGF-alpha can contribute to various diseases. Some key examples associated with diseases are as follows:

1. Cancer: TGF-alpha can contribute to the survival and proliferation of cancer cells. Excessive production of TGF-alpha in cancer cells can promote the development and progression of tumor diseases.

2. Skin disorders: Dysregulation of TGF-alpha can lead to skin disorders. When TGF-alpha is excessively activated, it can cause abnormal proliferation of skin cells and inflammation, leading to conditions such as scars, psoriasis, and other skin abnormalities.

3. Liver diseases: TGF-alpha plays a role in regulating the differentiation and growth of liver cells. Excessive activation of TGF-alpha can promote the development and progression of liver diseases such as liver fibrosis.

4. Cardiovascular diseases: TGF-alpha can affect the survival, differentiation, and tissue regeneration of vascular cells. Without proper regulation of TGF-alpha, it can lead to abnormal proliferation of endothelial cells and instability of the vascular wall, contributing to the development of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis and thrombosis.

These diseases can arise due to the dysregulation or excessive activation of TGF-alpha, but further research is needed to understand their exact causes and mechanisms.

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You seem to know so much I would love to have your take on pet allergies and asthma that I am sure were induced from childhood vaccines. Is it an aluminum issue or deeper than that? This is valuable information and much deeper than the surface level stuff you find regarding the issues. I’m at a loss for where to start. I would love to talk offline.

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Interleukin-4 (IL-4) is one of the key cytokines involved in inducing asthma. IL-4 regulates the activation of immune cells and inflammatory responses, particularly contributing to the onset and exacerbation of asthma. The major steps and cases of immune dysregulation related to IL-4-induced asthma are as follows:

1. **Generation of IL-4**: During asthma onset, IL-4 is produced and activated in the body. It can be secreted by epithelial cells or other immune cells.

2. **Activation of B Cells**: IL-4 activates B cells to produce IgE antibodies. IgE antibodies specifically react to allergens, leading to allergic reactions upon allergen binding.

3. **Secretion of Inflammatory Mediators**: IL-4 promotes the secretion of inflammatory mediators such as IL-5 and IL-13. These cytokines increase inflammation in the airways, inducing bronchoconstriction and mucosal hyperreactivity.

4. **Increase in Th2 Cells**: IL-4 induces the proliferation of Th2 cells, which play a crucial role in allergic conditions like asthma.

5. **Immune Dysregulation**: Excessive secretion of cytokines like IL-4 can lead to immune dysregulation, contributing to the onset and exacerbation of allergic diseases such as asthma.

One case of immune dysregulation is observed in asthma patients where there is excessive secretion of Th2 cytokines like IL-4. This is known to be associated with the occurrence and worsening of allergic conditions.

I believe that the cause of your asthma is due to vaccine adjuvants such as aluminum hydroxide and hydrogels. While it may be challenging to meet and discuss in person in Korea, I can share some information with you.

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Especially, several toxic compounds included in vaccines commonly interact with Nuclear Factor kappa B (NF-κB) and primarily function within the nucleus. NF-κB remains inactive in its dormant state. However, upon activation by inflammatory factors injected from vaccines, NF-κB translocates into the nucleus.

Activated NF-κB promotes the generation of inflammatory mediators and immune proteins, thereby regulating inflammation and immune responses. Given its crucial role in various physiological and pathological processes related to infection, tissue damage, and immune reactions, research on the molecular mechanisms of vaccine adverse effects is indeed necessary.

NF-κB is involved in cell survival, proliferation, immune responses, inflammation, and antimicrobial reactions. Moreover, excessive activation of NF-κB can be linked to pathological processes associated with inflammatory diseases, immune disorders, and cancer. As a vaccine victim...also developed an interest in this

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Here are some papers related to the hypothesis of immune modulation:

1. **Title**: "Aluminum hydroxide adjuvant induces macrophage differentiation towards a specialized antigen-presenting cell type"

- **Authors**: Li H, Willingham SB, Ting JP, Re F.

- **Publication Year**: 2007

- **Summary**: This study demonstrates that aluminum hydroxide adjuvant boosts macrophage differentiation into a specialized antigen-presenting cell (APC) type, which may play a role in immune modulation and inflammation regulation.

2. **Title**: "Aluminum Adjuvants Elicit Fibrin-Dependent Extracellular Traps in Humans"

- **Authors**: Kool M, Petrilli V, De Smedt T, Rolaz A, Hammad H, van Nimwegen M, Bergen IM, Castillo R, Lambrecht BN, Tschopp J.

- **Publication Year**: 2008

- **Summary**: This study shows that aluminum adjuvants can induce fibrin-dependent extracellular traps (ET) in humans, which may have implications in immune responses and inflammation.

3. **Title**: "The Role of Aluminum Adjuvants in Vaccines Raises Issues that Deserve Independent, Rigorous and Objective Inquiry"

- **Authors**: Tomljenovic L, Shaw CA.

- **Publication Year**: 2011

- **Summary**: This study argues for the need for independent, rigorous, and objective inquiry into the immunomodulatory effects of aluminum adjuvants.

4. **Title**: "Aluminum Adjuvants of Vaccines Injected into the Muscle: Normal Fate, Pathophysiology and Associated Disease"

- **Authors**: Gherardi RK, Aouizerate J, Cadusseau J, Yara S, Authier FJ.

- **Publication Year**: 2013

- **Summary**: This paper explores the normal fate and pathophysiological aspects of vaccines' aluminum adjuvants injected into the muscle and their associated diseases.

5. **Title**: "Aluminum exposure promotes SNORD116-13 transcript in rats and cell culture"

- **Authors**: Maher BA, Ahmed IAM, Karloukovski V, MacLaren DA, Foulds PG, Allsop D, Mann DMA, Torres-Jardón R, Calderon-Garciduenas L.

- **Publication Year**: 2019

- **Summary**: This study demonstrates that aluminum exposure can promote the SNORD116-13 transcript in rats and cell culture, providing new insights into genes associated with immune regulation.

These studies to our understanding effects of aluminum adjuvants..

I hope you will recover your health.

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IMO Pharma wants a vaxx schedule for adults. They’ve got children via the childhood schedule. The adult market is vast. They’re working on artificial mRNA injections for everything they can think of & I believe their plan is to get adults to take shots once or twice a year for 10, 12 illnesses. Roll up, get your « vaccines » for breast cancer, other cancers, hepatitis, flu, the cold, covid, Ebola, shingles.....on & on.

It’s up to all of us to inform everyone that health does NOT come from mRNA drugs. Only death & injury will result. (IMO).

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And those findings are exactly why big pharma and the medical establishment will never do any study to prove that vaccines are better than having no vaccines. The only reason that vaccines still exist is because the public has been indoctrinated over several decades that a child without vaccination is at severe risk of death. It's completely backwards and doctors couldn't care less.

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Here is how the vaccines destroy children, stated in the simplest possible terms/

Vaccines are now based around cell cultures from human sources, and/or genetically engineered sources that have a human biological root.

The purpose is to cause the immune system to react against key biological systems inside the child who receives it. Since vaccines work by triggering immune responses to pathogens, if any human material is associated with the pathogenic material in the vaccine, it will trigger the immune system to react against the human materials in the vaccine also.

Usual target: The brain. All children get damaged by this to at least a small degree, but those who exhibit gene traits the vaccine specifically targets the most develop full blown autism.

This is exactly why autism rates are by far the highest among the children of intelligent whites (computer programmers and other high positions), which the vaccines are specifically designed to wipe out to eliminate competition against the segment of the white intellectual class that is attempting to gain total superiority. Obviously they are not targeting only whites, they are targeting all people who have genetic traits that will allow them to compete, but predominantly children from above average white parents are hit by far the hardest.

Bottom line: Today's vaccines amount to a eugenics program that is intended to split humanity into two groups - those who have been administered a well calculated down grade and those who have not, and are therefore superior.

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I want to agree with you on the eugenics front, do you have a reference base for the white’s statistics, I’m guessing we don’t have any easy language reference for other ethnicities and even the diagnosis feels first world. Do you know the autism rate for other regions of the world ?

I have a brother and two cousins born the same year in Canada all with autism, other siblings some spectrum issues and I have allergies so I’m not being skeptical, just curious for the information. A client of mine took the H1N1 vaccine in her third trimester pregnancy and boy born with Autism so I think people can understand the severity of this generation having 10-20% special needs populations economically collapsing our society. Rampant mass immigration will not solve the problem- but it is a strong distraction from our homegrown problems.

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One more thing, if you want to know if a country is about to go into a crises, you need to watch gold, gold starts to perform when a currency collapses. Today we have record gold prices in USA & Canada.

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I do not have a reference on statistics other than what I see out in the general public that whites seem to have the biggest downgrade. Everybody sending their DNA to Jewish companies like 23 AND ME so they can zoom in on key differences between races is not helping the white cause.

At the beginning it was 1 out of every 100,000 people would have autism, fast forward to today and it is more like one out of 10, they predicted this year back. There could be absolutely no way of knowing this unless you had the weapon and were adding more to the vaccine program each year to get the numbers up. Now it is normal....job done.

Our Enemy wants the white nuclear family destroyed, this path is one out of many used, families are financially ruined by having an autistic child, as you have stated with your allergies, these are all tactics to downgrade the body (I have written how this is done on this thread down below, or up above). Whites are the biggest threat to their takeover of the world, the people are now sleepwalking into a catastrophe as they are unaware of the control they have over us at this time, they will now use inflation, high interest rates and debt to take down the people. They have financialized everything for their gain, stolen the Wests pensions, had bank bailouts and soon to be bail-ins allowing them to own everything, bought by tax payer money.

The level of evil we are dealing with most people could not handle.



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for another great post.

Fantastic, clear, detailed, peer reviewed, and finally yet ANOTHER KNOCK OUT PUNCH that says AGAIN ..










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And of course, I believe they took his license away. And in some of the previous studies, I've read that the placebo was actually a different vaccine. It's all corrupt and they want to keep poisoning us to death.

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William and all,


It is obvious why our government in bed with the pharmaceutical companies did not conduct the kind of vaccine study Dr. Paul Thomas did...

I had 2 grandchildren born in the past 3 weeks!

I have informed both mothers to follow Dr. Paul Thomas regarding vaccines. I consider him AMERICA’S BEST PEDIATRICIAN!

William...please highlight this wonderful pediatrician once a month for all families and their children...to help save humanity from the money hungry pharmaceutical companies and doctors that follow them!

Thank you!

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Thank you! Thank you! Grateful for this information to share!

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As a Gigi with a grandbaby-on-the-way. Question: How do we find a pediatrician who believes in Informed Consent? Is there a list anywhere of sensible doctors who will let the new baby be Unjabbed?

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again - all perpetrators/facilitators should be killed

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An open book of mass murder

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