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I recall emailing this kind of information out back in 2021, and a family member asked me where the heck I was coming up with all this, because he hadn't heard a peep about it. So I sent him a long list of players (and page links) that were incapacitated on the field or died suddenly. I think the list was about 25-30 in a short time period at the time.

He didn't think I was so crazy after that, although he had to take the jab as part of his job.

Thank you for highlighting this, and getting some traction (and obvious deflections).

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Nobody "had to" take the shot. Everyone had a choice. Each choice had consequences. It was always up to the individual to decide for himself.

Sometimes a tough choice, but life is full of tough choices...

right up until it isn't.

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Sure. Buying food and paying rent are all choices.

Nobody forces you to eat, do they Tommy?

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"Inject yourself with poison to "continue eating"

That's actually what you wrote LOL

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Not really fair choice when the Government and media are all pushing it like it's Gospel while any dissenting opinion or evidence is either deplatformed or scrubbed entirely. Your Governments did this to you.

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I would agree, not a fair choice, but they still had a choice. They could have gotten loud in their communities, risked being labelled a crackpot, lost their job, and kept their health.

My girlfriend made that hard choice, and only 3 others out of all the cleaning staff at that hospital said "no thanks, don't need this job, here is a liability form with known dangers to this medical countermeasure"

If enough of them did what my girlfriend did, in mass, during times that the mandates happened, maybe they would have stopped.

They did stop in canada once two things happened: 1- Brian peckford(and 3 others) sued the government, discovered that there was no scientific basis for the breach of charter rights.(june of 2022) 2- A very large minority caused a massive backlash in ottawa, which exposed even more totalitarianism. (feb 2022)

This should tell you: if enough of you raise your voice in unison, hold to your country's constitutions, they will back down. You have to get your communities back, that the information age and all the screen time have destroyed since 1990s.

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It appears the vaccine makers must be burning thru the 100 billion they made paying everyone off to remain silent. It's become a pandemic of the "Hush Money" virus.

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And yet every nation has prisoners on death row for committing a single murder. 🤔

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For many the truth to difficult to fully digest

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The smartest dogs are the easiest to train.

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Matt, thank you sir for what you have done.

I have watched you for 3 years standing up and eloquently speaking truth.

I hope one day I can meet you and thank you in person.

I am from the UK and I don't even like football that much.

But what you did was and is so powerful. Things are changing and so many people are now awake you will be recognised and appreciated forever.

Well done Sir you are a very special person.

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Who else but an international confederation of states has the reach and power to globally suppress obvious institutional malevolence?

I'm reading Robert F. Kennedy Jr's follow-up to "The Real Anthony Fauci." It's titled "The Wuhan Cover-up and the Terrifying Bioweapons Arms Race."

p116: “While the public assumed the pharmaceutical companies were doing their own research, Operation Warp Speed was, in fact, a DOD-managed program. Through its officials, the Department of Defense oversaw vaccine development and directed supply, production, and distribution, paving the way for coercive, mass-vaccination programs with unsafe, zero-liability vaccines on terrified and often unwitting American citizens.”

How much longer does our side have to tip-toe around the obvious? How much longer til the other side has to start dancing on hot rocks?

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Thank You Mr LeTissier, for your courage and persistence. I'm sure you've saved many lives.

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Culture of fear. Coming from the top down. People at the top who pushed mandated vaccines through government influence. These people know what they have created and will do anything to hide it. How about a culture of courage in exposing these criminals and bringing them to justice. Why is Pfizer buying up oncology pharmaceutical manufacturers??? PU.

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Dr Makis - I greatly appreciate your work -- and I request these reports of sudden deaths be put in perspective. E.g. How many people die suddenly of cardiac arrest at age X irrespective of the vaccine? How many get strokes? Other diseases you report about?

I had two good friends who dropped dead of heart attacks at 46 and 56 years old - long before the pandemic. I also had 3 friends, all vaccinated, get strokes in the last 18 months at ages 67-76, and my aunt and another friend (mid-70's to 80) died of cancer since getting vaccinated.

It would be very good to know what the probability is that any of these cases was caused by COVID vaccines or would have happened anyway.

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...IF you have common sense and critical thinking, you are miles ahead in the first place

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Matt Le Tissier, speaking at the PHA Gala Dinner 29th September 2023

MLT7, posted November 14, 2023


Hat tip: https://makismd.substack.com/p/video-uk-professional-soccer-player

Note: In Dr. Makis' post, "VIDEO - UK professional soccer player Matt Le Tissier on soccer players collapsing after COVID-19 Vaccine rollout (Oct.2023)," the video is embedded and he republishes the article by Sally Beck, January 15, 2024, "Matt Le Tissier’s battle for the truth about footballer deaths" https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/matt-le-tissier-and-the-case-of-the-dying-footballers/


TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: Matt Le Tissier stands at a podium, addressing an audience. We see only Matt Le Tissier. On Dr. Makis' Substack, there is an AI-generated transcript, however at the time I viewed it it contained numerous errors and several chunks of text, oddly, rendered in Welsh, while Le Tissier did not say anything in Welsh. The speech was for the gala dinner of the People's Health Alliance fundraiser dinner in Leeds, UK. https://the-pha.org/

MATT LE TISSIER: My life really has been spent in sport, playing sport, talking about sport. I spent 18 years for my sins working in the mainstream media with Sky Sports. And my entire life has been spent around sport, playing, watching, and commentating on sport.

And in March of 2020, my entire world changed when on my social media I tweeted out something that said something like this. Why are the media scaring everybody when this virus only affects the very old and those that are already ill?

Well, I wasn't really prepared for the response that I got.

[audience laughter]

Because that comment came after I'd spoken to a couple of doctor friends of mine who had been privy to a lot of the information, a lot of the data that was around early on, and so I was speaking from what I thought was a position of some kind of authority.

Now the response to that was quite incredible and it changed my entire life and I'll tell you why.

That tweet, up until then, I was kind of getting maybe a few hundred likes on stuff that I would post on social media, mostly about sport. When I tweeted that, it came along with the most vile abuse I think I've ever seen on social media. But at the same time, that tweet in March 2020 got 40,000 likes.

I'd never had anything like that before. So in my head I'm thinking, hang on a minute. On the one hand, I've got all these people liking what I've just said, and on the other hand, I've got all these people responding to me telling me that I'm a granny killer, I have no compassion.

And that's when my world changed because I thought to myself, something isn't quite right about this. It's only later on really that I realized that obviously the trolls and the bots were obviously set upon me because I dared to challenge the government narrative.

And that's when things started going a little bit strange for me in my world. And for the next few months I was questioning the government narrative on the, on the COVID measures. And in August 2020 Sky Sports finally had had enough of me and they decided to sack me. I asked them if that was because of my views on social media and their response was quite telling. They just said, well, we do have to take into account the reputation of our company.

[loud titter from audience]

And at that point I went, okay, that's fine. So that's August 2020.

The vaccines were being talked about at this point and I'd already decided at that point that I wasn't going to be going anywhere near those vaccines because common sense and a little bit of critical thinking told me that vaccines don't get produced in such a short period of time. How can you possibly have any long-term safety data in the space of 11 months? And how did four companies all come up with a working vaccine for a SARS-CoV-2 virus when they've just spent decades trying to find one for the common cold and couldn't do it? So all that stuff—

[audience applause]

All that stuff obviously came along with a lot more abuse on social media, and as we entered 2021 when the jabs had been started rolling out, as I mentioned earlier, my life has revolved around sport, I watch a lot of sport, I don't watch a lot of television unless it's sport. And I'm watching a lot of sport and I'm seeing a lot of sports people starting to collapse on the field of play. Not only that but in football matches up and down the country here in in England, games were being stopped because of medical emergencies in the crowd, something that I'd never really witnessed in my time, 17 years as a professional footballer.

So, I thought, I need to do something about this. And I contacted the Professional Footballers Association [1], the players' union, and I voiced my concerns to them. They put me on to the doctor at the Football Association because they didn't want to deal with it, they shoved me off towards the doctor at the FA and said, speak to her. So I did. I spoke to Charlotte Cowie, Dr. Charlotte Cowie at the FA, and had a conversation with her and I voiced my concerns about what was happening and she tried to palm me off with the usual response, oh, it's always happened, it just never has this much publicity normally.

That's bullshit for a start. And I wasn't particularly pleased about that.

So I continued to watch my sport and I continued to see people collapsing on the field of play. Young, fit athletes. And I was getting more and more frustrated as to why there was no investigation being taken place.

In fact, in November of 2021, I tweeted this tweet. And it said, hey, FIFPRO— now FIFPRO is the professional footballers' worldwide union[2]— I tweeted, hey, FIFPRO, are you not a little bit concerned about how many of your members are suffering heart problems during matches? And if you are, what actions are you taking on behalf of them? [3]

And I kid you not, within 5 minutes, my phone rang. I thought I recognized that number and the name that appeared. Bobby Barnes.[4] Now Bobby was a contemporary of mine. We played football about the same time. He went on to work at the Professional Footballers Association for many years and I thought he was still there. And so I picked up the phone and said, hi Bob.

He said, Matt, he said, um, just saw your tweet.

And I went, oh yeah?

He said, yeah, he said, I'm now the head of FIFPRO.

And I went, oh, that's interesting. I said, so, ah, you read it then?

He said, yeah I read it.

I said, what do you think?

He said, well, he said, this kind of stuff has always happened. He said, we've got all the data here, all this kind of stuff has always happened, he said, but you've just never really heard about it.

And I went, Bobby I'm going to stop you right there, I said. I'm going to ask you a question. I said, during your playing career, I said, did any players that you played with or against, did any of them in your playing career ever have to leave the field of play because they collapsed with a heart issue?

And he stopped for a minute and he thought. After a couple of seconds he said, he said, well, he said, you know, there was, there was Marc-Vivien Foe.[5] He said, there's Fabrice Muamba.[6]

And I went, I'm going to stop you there, Bobby. I said, because me and you played at the same time. I said, I know for a fact, both those two players happened after we finished playing. I said, and the reason you can name them is because it was such a rare recurrence. So I'm going to ask you again, during your career did you ever come across anybody who had to leave the pitch because they had heart problems?

And he went, no.

And I went, right. Thank you very much. So I'm watching football and I'm seeing this massive increase, I said, so you must be seeing it as well. I said, so I think it's incumbent upon you and your organisation to do something because you're the representative, you're the union for these footballers. And something's happening here that isn't normal. You need to sort it out.

And the phone call ended.


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Not a lot happened in terms of FIFPRO. And I played golf with two current Premier League footballers in the summer. And both of them admitted to me that at their football clubs, two separate football clubs, that only about 50% of all their players were jabbed. Now the media had been telling us that 95% of all Premier League players had been vaccinated, and these two guys at this club said to me it's probably 50-50.

So I thought, that's pretty interesting.

So, with that in mind, I then started talking to Dr. Aseem Malhotra[7] and Dr. Clare Craig[8] and we came up with a plan. We were going to write to the professional footballers association in this country to express our concerns and we were going to get, the plan was, we were going to get a lot of ex-footballers to sign this letter so it wasn't just coming from me, the mad conspiracy theorist.

So Dr. Aseem and Clare and David Whetton actually came up with a plan.

So I said, okay, I said, I'll go through all the professional footballers that I know in my phone book and I will text them and tell them what we intend to do, and I will see how many of them will agree to put their name to this letter.

Now, the interesting thing was I texted about a hundred, just under a hundred former footballers that I played with, and to my astonishment 99% of them agreed to sign the letter.


Not many of them spoke out publicly, but were privately concerned about what they were seeing as well. And that gave me a lot of heart. And there were some big names on this letter that went in. I won't name them all but there were names the size of people like Kevin Keegan.[9] So it wasn't just any odd footballer signing this. And it seemed to have made a difference at the PFA because I got a call from the chairman of the PFA who wanted to— I suggested we needed to have a meeting. And we had a meeting with him and he decided at the end of this meeting that the best thing to do would be to pass it on to the FA.

Now Dr. Aseem was willing to come on a Zoom call with me, so I organized with the doctor at the FA, Charlotte Cowie, to have a Zoom call in which Dr. Aseem Malhotra, who had been looking at the data on the vaccines and was incredibly concerned about what he'd seen, and he wanted to voice his concerns to the doctor at the FA. So we organized the Zoom meeting.

Now the Zoom meeting was only allowed to take place on the proviso that we weren't allowed to talk about what was spoken about in that meeting.

[audience laughter]

Now why would the FA want to do that? I think we all know why.

Now I've stuck to that agreement to this day. But after the meeting, whenever I saw another young sportsperson collapse, I'd send an email with a press cutting to the doctor at the FA and I'd just say, oh, look, there's another one. And I did this for a couple of months.

And in November of 2022 I received the shock of my life, when in a reply to my email, the FA doctor casually told me in that email, that, as you know— this is what she, this is how she worded it— thank you for letting me know, but as you know— which I didn't— professional footballers in England are no longer being encouraged to have any more vaccinations.

Now I don't know if anybody saw that press release from the FA or the Premier League because I certainly didn't. She assumed that I knew, which I didn't because nobody had said anything about it. They kept it a secret to themselves.

But having read that, a real sense of relief washed over me because I felt like we've had a small victory, a small victory in what is a rather massive war.



#   #   #


Matt Le Tissier's website is https://mlt7.com/

He has recorded athlete collapses at


[1] The FA https://www.thefa.com/about-football-association

[2] FIFPRO https://fifpro.org/en

[3] https://twitter.com/mattletiss7/status/1463793391628693505?s=20


are you not a little bit concerned about how many of your members are suffering heart problems during matches? If you are what action are you taking on behalf of them ?

9:55 AM · Nov 25, 2021

[4] According to the FIFPRO webpage Bobby Barnes retired from his position January 26, 2023.


[5] Footballer Marc-Vivien Foe died of a heart attack at Lyon's Stade de Gerland on June 26, 2003

See: "Marc-Vivien Foe death: His legacy 10 years after collapsing on pitch"

by Simon Austin, 26 June 2013


[6] Fabrice Muamba suffered a cardiac arrest in March 2012 at White Hart Lane, London, and was revived.

See: "78 minutes in the life (and near death) of Fabrice Muamba"

by Euan Ferguson

24 March 2012


[7] Dr. Aseem Malhotra is a UK cardiologist who has frequently spoken out against the official covid narrative. His website is https://doctoraseem.com/

[8] Dr. Clare Craig is a diagnostic pathologist who has frequently spoken out against the official covid narrative. From her biographical note at https://www.hartgroup.org/bios/ :

"Clare has been a pathologist since 2001 working in the NHS and reaching consultant level in 2009. She specialized in cancer diagnostics including diagnostic testing for cancer within mass screening programmes. She was the day to day pathology lead for the cancer arm of the 100,000 Genomes Project. She was clinical lead for the data team and led on research and development projects at Genomics England and wrote national guidance and helped build bespoke software, working closely with NHSE. Subsequently she has worked on artificial intelligence for cancer diagnostics. She is contributing to HART in a personal capacity."

[9] Kevin Keegan was inducted into the UK National Football Hall of Fame in 2002


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Transcriber, it's true that the virus is only a risk for the elderly and those predisposed, but the "vaccination" affects people of all ages. It's not the virus that's killing all of these people. It's the vaccine.

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Yes, that is the point of the testimony I have hereby transcribed, that the jabs are killing people.

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The MSM "handlers," aka "owners" simply will not allow this rather obvious truth to permeate the current zeitgeist narrative of "experts are baffled." Occam's razor be damned.

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Thanks for this. Powerful. Oddly, the substack transcript sends chunks of this into Welsh. It looks like gibberish, it's not, it's Welsh.

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Matt LeTissier

( at ) mattletiss7, January 10, 2023



MATT LE TISSIER: Over the last few years I've been asked many questions to which I'm going to answer some now. So prior to three years ago, you knew me as an ex-footballer and then a pundit for many years. I loved my work and, arrogant though it may sound, I thought I was pretty good at it. And I'll continue to do the football punditry for as long as the work comes in for the selected companies.

However, what I've done over the past couple of years I feel is so important, to bring awareness and a voice to those who can't or don't have the same platform to speak up. The atrocities committed by our government over the last couple of years have been devastating to so many. The effect of lockdowns on ourselves and our children will continue to be seen for many years to come. So when I'm told, stick to football, I'm sorry, but I like to sleep soundly at night and so I'll continue to be a voice for many.

In April last year I started doing weekly interviews on a social media platform called Gettr*. They were one of the very few that didn't censor the information that was out there, and over the last 9 months I've had on guests such as Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Tess Lawrie, Dr. Thomas Binder, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, Ivor Cummins, and many, many more. And a lot of these guests have rightfully been reinstated on Twitter.

Now "The Flip Side," which is my show on Gettr, airs every Monday night at 8 o'clock. But I may decide to place those on other channels too in the future. So when I'm asked what I'm doing now, I tell them, the most important work I'm doing is this and I love it. I also do a bit of punditry and appear on GB News most Monday nights, as well as after dinner speaking up and down the country. My agency mail is in the bio for all inquiries.

And for those of you that have supported for the past couple of years, I just wanted to send my heartfelt thanks. It's not been an easy journey, but it is one that's brought me a lot of strength. And I know, along with others, I will be on the right side of history. So thanks for listening and please repost if you like.



#   #   #


Matt Le Tissier on Gettr: The Flip Side https://gettr.com/user/mattletiss7

His podcast the Flip Side can be found at: https://gettr.com/streaming/p1qetocda13

Among the notable episodes:

November 29, 2022 interview with Dr. Peter McCullough:


October 10, 2022 interview with Dr. Aseem Malhotra


October 3, 2022 interview with Professor Dolores Cahill


September 26, 2022 interview with John O'Looney


September 10, 2022 interview with Chris Sky


July 25, 2022 interview with Mike Yeadon


July 3, 2022 with Dr. Tess Lawrie


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I suggest you talk to your colleagues and friends in America who claim to be a part of the some health freedom movement that has very little to show after 4 shameful years. All will be viewed irrelevant soon if they do not get on board ASAP with the MOST important 2024 issue in America…ELECTION INTEGRITY!

It will be the ELECTION INTEGRITY crowd that will give us a fighting chance at saving America…because the health professional crowd, scientists and their whistleblowers have had 4 years to STOP THE BIOTERRORISM JABS…did not happen for these obvious reasons…

Little unity and mixed messaging instead of 1 loud voice

Cannot not keep their egos in check

Do not work well with others as they would have been listening to serious strategic planning TRUE Leaders by now…most important as they have had 4 years, repeat 4 years to have found the right EXPERIENCED strategic planning crowd that knows how to get a Constitutional decision out of our courts wrongly run by British Common Law…to stop the BIOTERRORISM shots!

TOO busy fighting and throwing rocks at each other forgetting completely to…STOP THE BUOTERRORISM!!!


Too busy celebrating themselves with speaking engagements at ‘Freedom’ conferences accomplishing little!

Working with lawyers and military Leaders that they should not have trusted…what happened to heavily vetting BEFORE trusting???

Unbelievable what these health persons and whistleblowers could have accomplished IF they had unified with 1 voice over 3 years ago!

Where is the unified pot of $$$$ to give serious EXPERIENCED strategic planning Leaders??? To win the serious war we are in…don’t you need some Leaders and $$$$???

Our enemies completely understand the ART OF WAR…heavily unified, great strategic planning Leaders and lots of $$$$ for 1 agenda to easily keep crushing Americans!

True heroes…ones capable of Leading us out of this nightmare to finally start winning!

Good luck getting these Americans on track for wins!

P.S. The ELECTION INTEGRITY crowd clearly understands the ART OF WAR better than our enemies…an absolute necessity to have wins!!!

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There's nothing wrong with addressing two pathologies at once..

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You are completely right!

For starters…

Free, Fair, Lawful, and Transparent Elections - without which, We the People are in control of nothing at all!

Secure the borders - and STOP all illegal entry into our country, and start deporting millions who have no right to be here at YOUR expense.

End the CV19 Killing Fields - predominately happening in the "vaxxed" population.

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Canadian highschool & university sports still include a lot of athletes getting boosters. This would be a great video for all highschool & university sports coaches to see

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When Each One Dies

So Too Does A Piece Of The Bullshit

They All Believed.


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This was a really informative video. However, the written transcript has 6 omissions that, in total, come to 207 seconds, or 3 minutes and 45 seconds (unless I've made a math error somewhere).

Since the entire video runs for 12 minutes and 37 seconds (757 seconds), total, with the omissions the written transcript is missing nearly a third of the video's content. Does anybody else think this is a lot?

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