VIDEO - Dr.Sucharit Bhakdi - German Parliament speech (Nov.12, 2023)


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Dr.Sucharit Bhakdi - German Parliament speech (Nov.12, 2023)


"...The vaccination turned out to be the greatest blessing for the money and world's elites, for the pharmaceutical industry and politics. They could pursue their own interests, under the common slogan "Everything for public health", "everything for the well-being of the general public". To achieve this goal, they created the WHO. This non-democratically elected people, basically a private association that is in the process of gaining power over the healthcare system in the 190 Member States" "

Kevin McKernan discovered that this crucial step of removal of plasmid DNA had not been carried out conscientiously. Huge amounts of plasmid DNA have been found in packaged form. This ensured their successful delivery to the cells. Kevin's discovery has now been confirmed in several other laboratories, Also in Germany. Large amounts of DNA contamination were found in all 27 batches examined so far. Four weeks ago, the Canadian medical authority even confirmed the discovery of plasmid DNA. However, the authority does not see this as a sufficient reason for to withdraw the approval. By the way, question for the interested public, has the responsible German authority, the Paul Ehrlich Institute of the Federal Ministry of Health carried out reliable scientific measurements? Question, answer, no. Not to this day."

"Who hasn't heard about the mysterious sudden cardiac deaths occurring around the world? They are just the tip of an iceberg. Heart disease caused by vaccinations is on the agenda of young and old alike. Fortunately, to save the honor of German science, well-known pathologists stood up and carried out the world's first research work, who discovered the connection between vaccination and severe organ damage. Professor Arne Burkhardt, who recently tragically died in an accident, and his dear friend Professor Walter Lang, who spoke to you today. Dr. Michael Mörz in Dresden and the world-famous Professor Peter Schiermacher, director of the Institute of Pathology at Heidelberg University. Thanks to their work, it is now scientifically proven. And so it says in this work from Peter Schiermacher's group, Literally, it has been proven beyond a doubt that vaccination can lead to fatal myocarditis." "

Anyone who praises RNA vaccines as safe and effective, Anyone who claims that vaccination rarely causes serious side effects is either incredibly ignorant or infinitely evil. And they ar committing a crime. Just like everyone who actively or passively pursues and supports this vaccination. Because it is now scientifically proven that vaccination can only have negative effects and this to a life-threatening extent."

(Transcript by Aussie17)