Slovakia Prime Minister Robert Fico Speech in Parliament (Jan.23, 2024): orders investigation into COVID-19 pandemic management and Vaccines after 21,000 excess deaths announced in Slovakia since 2020


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Translation by Dr.William Makis:

“Ladies and gentlemen of Progressive Slovakia and the Opposition parties, have you seen the statistics on how our deaths have risen from various cardiovascular events due to vaccination?

But you reject it, of course you reject it, while you claim that (COVID-19) Vaccination was the best thing in the world.

What do you know about how many vaccines we have left over that expired and how much money was thrown away into the air? What do you know about purchases of medical equipment and tests? You know that we demonstrated very clearly the connection of one company from Trnava (Slovakia) to the chairman of one of the opposition political parties.

Hundreds of thousands, millions worth of purchases, completely useless. What do you know about management? What do you know about what was going on in terms of taking various measures which, in our view, significantly increased the morbidity than was perhaps the case in other countries?

And you all laughed at the other states, other countries. You laughed at Russia, where they stood on the principle of individual visits of patients by doctors, and they managed it significantly better than we managed it here in Slovakia.

We have 21,000 deaths, which we connect with the fact that the governments that were here since 2020 were not capable of managing (the pandemic) and cared only about economic gains and of course made sure they were bowing to pharmaceutical companies from which they bought huge quantities of useless medical equipment and often also vaccines.

I don’t even want to talk about the European level, you know that I have been very open and I said it to Madam President of the European Commission (Ursula von der Leyen) openly that the suspicions that are connected with her and to the purchase, the largest purchase in the history of the European Commission, of vaccines, when she literally exchanged secret SMS text messages with CEO of Pfizer (Albert Bourla), and when, to the ridicule of Members of the European Parliament a report was issued that was completely blacked out, we will simply never be able to find out the truth of what role pharmaceutical companies played and who actually organized this whole circus around COVID-19.

Under these conditions, ladies and gentlemen, the government of Slovak Republic has decided that it will include into the Government’s Program Statement, a commitment that it will settle this issue. The Slovak public simply needs an answer, needs an answer in regards to vaccination, what it actually was. Why were people vaccinated with various experimental Vaccines without any trials? Why were all sorts of drugs forced into people? Why was there state wide testing? Who was buying? Why were they buying? What quantities were being bought? How much money did it cost?

And we’ll end up at billions, at billions, you can grin all you want because you don’t even know anything other than showing disrespect for another opinion. You know democracy is about sometimes respecting another opinion. When you are here discussing for the third week talking about the Criminal Code, nobody is swearing at you, we are listening to you, you are talking, so please be kind enough if we have a different opinion, then please respect it even if you disagree with it.

Under these conditions, we have decided that we will create an Office of the Government Plenipotentiary which will be dealing with these questions. Today, we have not only appointed the Director of Plenipotentiary, but we’ve also empowered him when it comes to obtaining information from various Institutions, in particular we will be obtaining information from the Chief Hygienist, we will be asking questions at the National Health Information Center. We still want to know, based on what we currently have available to us, what actually happened.

I think that Dr.Kotlar, Member of the National Assembly, is sufficiently equipped in terms of information. I see that he is also prepared in terms of assembling a team. I have requested from him that before we make any public statements, that we have first gone through everything at the government, and I am absolutely convinced that his work will lead to results that we will make public and we will tell the Slovak public what in God’s name happened during COVID.

We know today one thing for sure: previous governments completely failed to manage COVID properly and have around their necks 21,000 dead people and apparently they made a huge amount of money on the unnecessary purchases of various medical equipment and vaccines.

Thank you very much.”

My Take…

A few weeks ago, newly elected Slovakia Prime Minister Robert Fico clearly outlined his governing party’s position on rejecting the WHO Pandemic Treaty. I translated his speech here.

This time, Slovakia leads the way again and provides the “template” on how to approach the crimes and fraud committed during the COVID-19 pandemic by the politicians who were in power at the time.

  1. Publicly address current excess deaths

  2. Publicly expose the cardiovascular (and other) deaths caused by COVID-19 Vaccination

  3. Call out the corruption involving the contracts that were awarded for masks and other personal protective equipment (and the politicians involved)

  4. Call out the corruption in the procurement of COVID-19 Vaccines

  5. Call out the experimental nature of COVID-19 Vaccines and the inappropriate use of various drugs that were forced on people during the pandemic

  6. Launch a government investigation into the handling of the entire COVID-19 pandemic, including the rollout of COVID-19 Vaccines and the purchases of various medical equipment and vaccines (and who benefited financially).

  7. Make a commitment to the public, to make all the findings of such a government investigation public.

Notice that even though he is a politician, he is not dancing around the issue or sugar coating it. He is simply telling it like it is.

This is a great template to follow, by other politicians who want to do the right thing at this time.

For example, in Canada, Alberta’s Premier Danielle Smith could launch such an investigation into corruption and crimes committed during the COVID-19 pandemic (especially by Alberta Health Services and the Colleges of Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists, Dentists, etc) and if she did, she would have overwhelming support from the public.