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Propaganda Series - They were dismissive about the dangers of the COVID-19 Vaccine, then they "Died Suddenly". 20 People who mocked the risks of the COVID-19 mRNA jabs and have since died


VIDEO ABOVE - Feb.12, 2024 - Famous Singaporean Social Media Influencer Nur Mohammad Azmi, age 45 with over 140K followers, died suddenly from a pulmonary embolism

He is widely known for his contribution in promoting local businesses and giving words of encouragement through social media to those facing challenges in life. However, behind the smile that is always etched on his face, he is a single father who has endured many trials and with strong determination, worked hard to raise his two sons. The late Nur Mohammad Azmi, who was 45 years old, was an entrepreneur, influencer and former trailer driver, known to many as Nur JM Mohd. JM is short for 'Lazy Male'. He died on February 12 at the National University Hospital (NUH) due to a blocked pulmonary vein or 'pulmonary embolism'. His remains were buried at Pusara Aman on February 13, at about 1 in the afternoon after being bathed and praying at the Ba'alwie Mosque. The funeral prayer was led by the imam of the mosque, Habib Syed Hassan Al-Attas, and was joined by hundreds of pilgrims.


The mocking of the risks of COVID-19 Vaccination was all too common. Here are another 20 cases of people who didn’t take these risks seriously and have died suddenly:


Feb.20, 2024 - 44 year old Robin Windsor (Strictly Come Dancing professional) was found dead in his London Hotel room

  • Apr.25, 2021: “I’m getting this one” (glitter in COVID-19 Vaccine syringe)

Jan.24, 2024 - PA - 37 year old Sarina Mihailoff died suddenly on Jan.24, 2024 - was found dead in hotel room during a work trip.

  • Feb.14, 2021: “I don’t give a fuck if there is a microchip in the vaccine. They could put a whole ipod nano inside me if it meant I was allowed to get drunk at Oliver Garden again”

  • Feb.14, 2021: “I for real do not gaf. Fuck me up with that sweet sweet vaccine goodness and let me go back to worrying about the diseases I normally worry about”

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